On Demand public transport for Edmondson Park, NSW

Service commencing 29 January 2018

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School timetable changes from 27 November

Changes will be made to selected school services from 27 November. Download the list of changes.

New timetables from 26 November

From 26 November, more than 8,600 new weekly train, bus and ferry services will start across Sydney and surrounds. Some changes will be made to existing bus and ferry timetables to align with the new train timetable, making it easier for you to change between different modes of public transport.

All Interline bus services will run to adjusted timetables from 26 November.

Download your new timetables effective from 26 November:

Route S9
Route 850
Route 851
Route 852
Route 853
Route 854
Route 855
Route 856
Route 857
Route 858
Route 864
Route 865
Route 866
Route 867
Route 869
Route 870
Route 871
Route 872
Route 873
Route 874
Route 875
Route 876

Service Change Notice

As of 4 September 2017, MacDonald Road, Bardia will be re-directed to operate as shown below.

Routes 869, 1035, 1049, 1050, 4031, 3029, 3002, 2069, 2055 & 4032 will be affected.

Opal top up value changes


To help minimise queues at Opal top up and ticketing machines, online top ups are being made easier for customers by introducing $5, $10 and $20 top up values on the Opal website, Opal Travel app and auto top up.

The new online top up values will be available from 3 July.

These changes will be rolling out in conjunction with the Opal fare changes on 3 July when Opal fares will increase by 2.4%. For more information on the Opal fare changes, please see previous communications sent on 15 May, or the attached fare table.

What’s changing

  • New top up values from 3 July:
    • Adult Opal card minimum top up value reduced to $10 for online channels – Opal website, Opal Travel app and auto top up.
    • Child/Youth, Concession and Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card minimum top up value reduced to $5 for online channels – Opal website, Opal Travel app and auto top up.
  • Top up available in as little as 15 minutes when using the Opal Travel app or Opal website, for trains, ferries and light rail (60 minutes for travel on buses).
  • Opal fares will increase by 2.4% in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) on 3 July.

Top up values available for customers from 3 July:

Opal Travel App Opal website Auto top up
+NEW Top up values Existing Top up values +NEW Top up values Existing Top up values +NEW Top up values Existing Top up values
Adult $10, $15, $20 $40, $60 $10, $15, $20 $40, $60, $80 $10, $15, $20 $40, $60
Child/Youth $5, $10 $20, $30, $40 $5, $10 $20, $30, $40, $50 $5, $10 $20, $30 $40
Concession $5, $10 $20, $30, $40 $5, $10 $20, $30, $40, $50 $5, $10 $20, $30 $40
Senior/ Pensioner $5 $10, $20, $30, $40, $60 $5 $10, $20, $30, $40, $50, $60 $5 $10, $20, $30, $40, $60

Roadworks notice

Route 850, 851, 855, 856, 857, 858 and 869 bus services and school services may experience delays due to multiple roadworks currently in place in the following areas:

  • Bringelly Road - Austral & West Hoxton (expected completion late 2017)
  • Camden Valley Way - Horningsea Park (expected completion mid 2020)
  • Camden Valley Way - Narellan (expected completion late 2017)
  • Oran Park Drive - Oran Park (expected completion mid 2017)
  • Northern Road - Oran Park, Cobbitty & Narellan (expected completion mid 2018)
  • Narellan Road - Narellan & Campbelltown (expected completion mid 2018)
  • Macdonald Road - New Breeze & Bardia (expected completion late 2017)
Routes affected
850 - Minto to Narellan Town Centre
850 - Narellan Town Centre to Minto
851 - Carnes Hill Marketplace to Liverpool via Cowpasture Rd
851 - Liverpool to Carnes Hill Marketplace via Cowpasture Rd
855 - Liverpool to Rutleigh Park via Austral & Leppington Station
855 - Rutleigh Park to Liverpool via Austral & Leppington Station
856 - Bringelly to Liverpool
856 - Liverpool to Bringelly
857 - Liverpool to Narellan
857 - Narellan to Liverpool
858 - Leppinton to Oran Park Town Centre
858 - Oran Park Town Centre to Leppington
869 - Ingleburn to Liverpool via Edmondson Park & Prestons
869 - Liverpool to Ingleburn via Prestons & Edmondson Park

Easter and ANZAC Day Services

Buses will operate to the following weekend timetables during the Easter and ANZAC Day Public Holidays:

Good Friday
14 April 2017
Easter Saturday
15 April 2017
Easter Sunday
16 April 2017
Easter Monday
17 April 2017
Sunday timetable Saturday timetable Sunday timetable Sunday timetable

ANZAC Day (Tuesday)
25 April 2017
Queens B'day (Monday)
12 June 2017
Sunday timetable Sunday timetable

Road works on Croatia Ave Edmondson Park

On the 14/11/16 road works on Croatia Ave Edmondson Park will commence and will last a duration of 10 weeks.

During these works the 869 Service will be diverted as follows:

Road works on Croatia Ave Edmondson Park map

Croatia Ave will be ONE WAY from Camden Valley Way to the Train Station. Exit will be via Dalmatia Ave

Download map

Opal multi-mode travel cheaper from 5 September 2016

Catching a bus and train, or ferry and train is cheaper for tens of thousands of commuters from Monday 5 September with the introduction of a transfer discount for changing modes when travelling on public transport.

The new $2.00 transfer discount will start Monday morning every time an Adult Opal card customer changes a mode of transport as part of the same journey.

Opal card customers accessing concession fares will receive a transfer discount of $1.00 when they change mode on a journey.

Many customers travelling to work and home every day could see their transfer discount save money every week.

This is about making fares fairer for more customers and making public transport more compelling.

The Government has announced that Opal card fares will continue to be frozen till July 2017 which means that fares haven’t increased on buses and light rail since 2014 and on trains and ferries since January 2015.

The Government has stated the changes to Opal are responsibly rebalancing the structure of Opal card fares and benefits.

The transfer discount is a better strategic option for transport when compared to the Opal weekly travel reward free trip which is being changed from Monday as well.

Opal will still keep providing free trips for customers after they reach the daily fare cap, weekly fare cap and the hugely discounted Sunday $2.50 fare cap, but after eight paid journeys the discount will be set at 50% instead of the 100% discount free trip.

From 5 September the single trip tickets will see various increases across modes and bands as recommended by the independent pricing regulator to ensure they are a set premium price that encourages Opal card usage.

Frequently asked questions for Opal fare changes

No more paper tickets

You will need an Opal card or Opal single trip ticket to travel on public transport from 1 August.

From 1 August 2016, paper tickets will no longer be sold or accepted and customers will need an Opal card or Opal single trip ticket to travel on public transport in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Hunter, Illawarra and Southern Highlands.

Apply for an Opal card now

Pensioner Excursion Ticket refunds

If you have any unused Pensioner Excursion Tickets you can use them up before 1 August 2016, or apply for a refund before 30 October 2016. To apply for a refund you have two options:

TravelTen refunds

If you have any TravelTens with unused trips you can use them up before 1 August 2016, or apply for a refund by downloading, completing and returning the appropriate form below, along with your ticket/s before 30 October 2016. You can only apply for a refund if the TravelTen includes some unused trips.

MyBus TravelTen refund form

Other ticket refunds

If you would like a refund for any other type of ticket, find out more at Transportnsw.info  

Which tickets will no longer be sold?

Category Ticket Adult Concession* Child/Youth Family
MyBus 1–3

Frequently asked questions

What will happen if I try to use a paper ticket, such as TravelTen or Pensioner Excursion Ticket, after 1 August 2016?

You will not be able to. The machines and gates that validate paper tickets will not be active, also these tickets will no longer be valid. To travel you will need an Opal card or an Opal single trip ticket.

I usually purchase concession single or return tickets, why are these no longer sold? 

The misuse of concession paper tickets is a major source of fare evasion, costing taxpayers $22 million a year. To address the rorting activity where fare evaders buy concession tickets they are not entitled to, Opal top up and single trip ticket machines plus the new onboard Opal single bus ticket will only offer Adult and Child/Youth fares. 

How do I access concession or pensioner fares?

For concession fares you need to apply for a Concession or Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card.

Why are paper tickets being removed from sale?

The Opal ticketing system has now been rolled out in Sydney and surrounding regions and more than 95% of all journeys are now made with Opal. It is time to complete the transformation of our ticketing system by removing from sale the last remaining paper tickets.

What if I want to travel on public transport in NSW outside the Opal network?

There's no change to ticketing outside of the Opal network. You buy an appropriate paper ticket from regional operators when travelling.

I'm a senior from interstate, how should I travel on public transport now that these concession single and return paper tickets are no longer sold?

If you have a Seniors Card issued by your State or Territory Government you can apply for your Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card here.

I'm a pensioner from interstate, how should I travel on public transport now that these paper tickets are being retired?

If you have a Department of Human Services or Department of Veterans' Affairs Pensioner Concession Card you can apply for your Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card here

I used to travel with the Family Fare Deal, what should I do now to travel with my family?

Opal provides the best value for all customers when travelling as a family. Each customer aged 4 or older needs to travel with either an Opal card or an Opal single trip ticket. Travelling with an Opal card will ensure each customer can access their Opal benefits for the week or relevant discounts. 

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The School Opal card: the smarter way to get to school

Introducing the School Opal card

The School Opal card gives eligible school students free travel on public transport between home and school on trains, buses and ferries within the Opal network.

The School Opal card replaces the old paper School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) travel passes.

Who can apply?

Students need to live a minimum distance from their school to be eligible for a School Opal card, as follows:

Years K-2 (Infants)
There’s no minimum distance.

Years 3-6 (Primary)
1.6km straight line distance or 2.3km walking or further.

Years 7-12 (Secondary)
2.0km straight line distance or 2.9km walking or further.

Who needs to apply?

Many students will receive a School Opal card automatically. It will be sent to their school at the start of the 2016 school year.

However you will need to apply if:

  •   applying for an school travel pass for the first time
  •   enrolling in Kindergarten
  •   progressing from Year 2 to Year 3
  •   progressing from Year 6 to Year 7
  •   changing name, school and/or address
  •   requesting an additional pass as a result of a new shared parental responsibility situation.

Applications must be made by a parent or legal guardian if you are less than 16 years of age. If you are 16 years or older you need to complete and sign the application form yourself. Applications are subject to eligibility criteria. For full details visit https://apps.transport.nsw.gov.au/ssts/

How to apply

Step 1

Complete the School Opal card application form here https://apps.transport.nsw.gov.au/ssts/

Step 2

Print, sign and date the completed form and submit it to your school for endorsement

Step 3

Your school sends the endorsed application to Transport for NSW. Once approved, the School Opal card will be sent to the home address you provided in the application

Better together

The School Opal card is only for travel to and from school on school days and doesn’t cover travel to after school care, school excursions, sport and other activities away from school, so it’s a good idea to get a Child/Youth Opal card for personal travel.

Child/Youth Opal card benefits for kids (and parents)

Here’s a quick show and tell:

  •  Travel on trains, ferries, buses and light rail with one ticket
  •  Never pay more than $7.50* per day Monday to Saturday
  •  Never pay more than $2.50* on Sundays
  •  After eight paid journeys you travel free* with Opal thanks to the Weekly Travel Reward

*Excluding Sydney Airport station access fee  

Soon most paper tickets, including the Pensioner Excursion Ticket, will no longer be sold

From 1 January 2016, the only paper tickets available will be single Adult and Concession tickets (trains, buses, ferries and light rail) and return Adult and Concession tickets (trains, ferries and light rail).

Tickets no longer available from 1 January 2016 include:

  • Pensioner Excursion tickets
  • MyMulti Weekly tickets
  • MyBus TravelTen tickets
  • MyFerry TravelTen tickets

What should customers use instead?

Seniors and pensioners: If you’re still travelling with a Pensioner Excursion Tickets, it’s time to get your Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card.

The Gold Opal card gives you the same discounted fare on public transport as the Pensioner Excursion Ticket. Gold Opal fares are capped at $2.50 a day, so you won’t pay more than a Pensioner Excursion Ticket* and with lots of rewards for regular travel, you may even pay less.

You only need to get a Gold Opal card once and add value to it. Then you can use it as often as you like, day after day. Find out more about the Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card.

Adults, children and eligible concession customers: If you’re still travelling with paper tickets, make the switch to the Opal now and start enjoying all the benefits of travelling with Opal.

Which tickets are being removed from sale?

Category Ticket Fare Category
Adult Concession Child Senior / Pensioner Family

MyFerry 1 – 2



MyTrain 1 – 5

Off Peak Return (Child only)


7 Day

tick tick

14 Day

tick tick

MyBus 1 – 3


tick tick

Light Rail
Zones 1 and 2

Day Pass

tick tick tick



MyMulti 1 – 3


tick tick tick

7 Day

tick tick tick

PET / Family

Pensioner Excursion Ticket (PET)


Family Funday Sunday



7 Day Airport Gate Pass

tick tick tick

Link Tickets

Single TramLink

tick tick tick

Return TramLink

tick tick tick

Off Peak Return TramLink


Single Bondi Beach

tick tick tick    

Return Bondi Beach

tick tick tick    

Off Peak Return Bondi Beach

tick tick tick    

Single Moore Park

tick tick tick    

Return Moore Park

tick tick tick    

Bundled Tickets

1 Day Blue Mountains ExplorerLink

tick tick tick tick  

3 Day Blue Mountains ExplorerLink

tick tick tick    


tick tick tick   tick

Newcastle Buses and Ferries

4 Hour

tick tick      


tick tick      

Why are these tickets being removed from sale?

We know that customers love their Opal cards. There are now more than 3 300 000 cards issued and the number grows steadily every week.

At the same time, there has been a significant fall in the number of paper tickets being sold. For example:

  • nearly 80% fall in sales of the MyBus TravelTen over the past 12 months
  • 89% fall in sales of the Adult and Concession MyMulti tickets over the past 12 months to May 2015
  • almost 50% fall in sales of the Pensioner Excursion Tickets over the past12 months to May 2015
  • 72% fall in the sales of the Light Rail Weekly
  • 94% fall in the sales of the MyFerry TravelTen
  • almost 70 per cent of all public transport trips are now with Opal

Figures: Bureau of Transport Statistics as at May 2015.

An easy to use and modern public transport system only needs one ticketing system and that is an electronic one.

Order your Opal card today online or (local) call 13 67 25 (13 OPAL).